Frequently asked questions...

Are you insured?
Yes. To protect you and your investment we are fully insured and will furnish a copy upon request.

Will the detergents kill my plants?
Not with Hydro-Blast. All plants are pre-soaked prior to applying our bio-degradable detergents. They are then rinsed again after your home or commercial property has been washed.

Will the water pressure damage my property?
No. While high pressure is fine for specific duties and applications, Hydro-Blast applies detergents and rinses your properties using a low pressure system.

What do you clean on my property?
Everything! Siding, gutters, downspouts, soffits, windows and doors are washed with detergents specifically designed for exterior property surfaces. A thorough rinse and added silicone polymers in our detergents leave your home (even your windows) virtually streak and spot free.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
No. A visual evaluation of the property must be made to give you an accurate price. However, dependable appointments are easily made with a just a quick phone call to 815-732-3192

What exactly is your 3-step wood restoration process?
Hydro-Blast brings out the original beauty of your deck, fence, etc. by first applying a strong detergent to emulsify the old stain and pollutants that have bonded to your wood’s surface over the years. After a low pressure rinsing we apply a brightening agent and then preserve the wood with a top quality stain or sealer. Your deck looks new again without the expensive cost of reconstruction!

“The swing and trailer looks great.” - Mike and Mary H. – Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, IL

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