The Power of a
Professional Clean
No one can restore the exterior of your property like a professional power washing company. Nobody can do it better than Hydro-Blast.

Hydro-Blast is a power washer, taking over where pressure washing fails
. Twenty years of experience have led us to use only the highest quality detergents at the safest water pressures from the best equipment. Our preventative maintenance and restoration programs not only protect your property investments, they make them look new again!

20 Plus Years Experience

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“HydroBlast restored my 20 year old deck year, I was amazed at the outcome! The wood looked worn, discolored, and had green moss on the areas facing the north. It looked so bad I thought that I might need to replace the deck. When Steve finished the job, it looked as good as it did when the deck was built. I was also impressed with the knowledge and professional work done by HydroBlast from start to finish. I would highly recommend HydroBlast to anyone wanting quality cleaning and restoration services.”

                                                                                                                 Jim Bottoms - Oregon, IL

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Call us for unmatched service in:

Cleaning and Restoration of your private or commercial property. Hydro-Blast specializes in residential power washing, deck restoration, interior and exterior gutter cleaning and roof washing. And can do the same for your business!

Removal of mold, mildew, dirt, gum and graffiti on walkways, sidewalks and facades. As well as paint prep, oxidation removal, wet sandblasting, concrete stains and removal of oil and grease using Bio-Enzyme Technology.

Protect your home! Increase the curb appeal of your business! Contact the dependable, understanding, experienced professionals at Hydro-Blast today! We’re the company who treats your property like it was our own.

Hydro-Blast Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured company, offering immediate response in Ogle, Lee and the surrounding areas.
Serving Oregon, Mount Morris, Dixon, Byron, Ogle, Lee, Winnebago, Sterling, Rockford
Hydro-Blast Pressure Washing Service - 20 Years of Experience - Licensed and Insured - Phone (815)732-3192